Freelance Comic Book Artist: Ben Matsuya

Seeking a comic book artist for hire?  

Sequential storytelling and dynamic narratives are Ben’s passion.  Whether it’s a clash of superheroes, a zombie invasion, or a quiet story of two teens in love, Ben’s art will brings your stories and characters to life.  He wants to help you realize your vision. His comic book art has been inspired by such talent as Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Adam Hughes, Yoji Shinkawa, Moebius, Bill Willingham, and Matteo Scalera.  Ben strives to bring a cinematic energy and lyrical orchestration to your comic book by drawing characters who exude life and emotion with their posture and demeanor; he blocks out scenes and composes frames to reinforce the themes of each story and scene.  

Having been a creator, an employer, and an employee, Ben understands the many challenges of getting a comic book done right.  He will help bring his experience and professionalism to help tell your story with quality and speed.  Here are some questions that might address what you can expect when working on your own project:  

What’s your process?

My philosophy is “every panel has purpose” and clarity is my top priority.

First, we go over the script and story together to make sure I understand your themes, motifs, and goals.  Then we’ll sketch characters (or work off of existing designs) and build their expressions and attitudes based off motive and perspectives. Then, we’ll move on to the thumbnail phase - rough sketches of each page laid out. Once approved by you, we’ll move on to pencils and inks.  

What kind of tools do you use?

Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, ToonBoom

What are your favorite comic books and graphic novels?

Superman: Red Son, Flex Mentallo, Dark Knight Returns, Black Science, Prez, Fables, All-Star Superman

If you have an idea for an independent comic book, but don’t know where to start, contact us today.  Check out our rates for freelance artwork to see if we fit your needs. We look forward to collaborating on your story.