Welcome to the debut of the site for the Matsuya brothers.  This is our hub for the projects in progress for Ben and John and all things art, comics, films, writing, music, and pop culture that serve as our inspirations. 

You might wonder why we've picked the 'Tableau' theme of Piet Mondrian.  I have a fondness for the simplicity of his pieces - the cross between function and aesthetic.  The clean form IS the art; there's promise within each square to segment our interests.  The panels represent comic panels to Ben and framing images and structure to me.  Not only that, but it looks like an attempt to corral all of our inspirations onto a page, a site, a memory card...  All of this in service to a story.  

We hope to post here often with Ben's art and my reviews, so don't be a stranger.  We'll be sharing our progress in these fields as well as the art, videos, and writing that surprise and delight us.

Make sure to follow us for updates and contact for suggestions: 

If you are here - as one of our earliest readers - in some way or another, you are a fellow storyteller.  Whether you have your own projects or just an admirer of comics, movies, and literature, we recognize that telling stories is about being human and sharing the human experience.  I wish you the best of success in your own projects and endeavors and hope to support and grow with you. 

John Matsuya                   Ben Matsuya


Posted on July 16, 2015 .