Freelance Comic Book Art, Illustrations, & SEO Copywriting


Pricing for Freelance Copywriting from John Matsuya and pricing for Freelance Illustrations and art from Ben Matsuya.  Other services also include script coverage, screenplay analysis, editing services, illustrations, comic book work.  

How We Work

We're very versatile when it comes to providing content and working with you.  Generally, we'll listen to all of your plans, ideas, and designs (over the phone, in-person if applicable, through chat, email - whatever is easiest) and we'll ask questions to further explore your preliminary ideas.  If you have a complete vision, no problem; we'll be happy to execute immediately.  If you need more time to brainstorm, we'll be happy to discuss the story or experience you want to communicate.  

Typically, we'll provide a rough sketch to get ideas, with more input from you along the way.  We want you to feel invested in the process,  keep you clued in through each successive draft.  We can always talk deadlines and aim for quick turnarounds. 


Every project is unique, so the price per project will vary a bit from piece to piece, but here's a general estimate for each project.


Blog Post/Web Content - $80

Articles/Blog Posts for your site - researched and written from 400 to 2000 words.  

Web Content: SEO optimized site content, press releases, promotional material, and high volume; short turnaround content.  

Please enjoy my own film writing for some examples of my cultural commentary.  


Screenwriting Coverage - $100 (+1 per page for every page over 120)

If you're looking for an impartial view of your screenplay, I'll be happy to give you comments!  I worked as a coverage reader at Sony Pictures and will provide professional grade notes complete with logline, story synopsis, story critiques, and evaluation. These can vary from 7 to 13 pages. If you're in the Los Angeles area or Orange County area, please don't hesitate to contact me for special rates for a face to face discussion.  Contact me for coverage examples.  


Illustrations - $120

It all depends on the project, of course, but for a single illustration (including mockups and edits), let's say a caricature of Lorde, this is the rough estimate.  Ben also has experience in designing logos and art for businesses, as well as multimedia art for podcasts, bands, apps and games. Check out Ben's illustration gallery and commercial works. 

Bolt Action Issue 3 Page 18 Ben Matsuya

Comic Pages

Pencils Only $100 per page

Pencils + Ink $130 per page

Color only $70 per page

Pencil, Ink, and color $150 per page

Comics are Ben's passion and expertise.  Pricing reflects a four step process. 

  1.  Conversation about vision and direction of the piece.  Send the script.
  2. First draft: blocking, rough sketches, thumbnails. Submitted for editorial notes and approval. 
  3. Pencils and approval. 
  4. Final inks. 

See more samples of Ben's Comic Art.

Let's Collaborate

Great Content can make all the difference for your customers, users, and visitors.  When crafting the experience you want for your clientele, professionalism and aesthetic design is everything.  We provide a fast turnaround time, attention to detail and brand integration, and lots of experience. Remember all pricing is a general guideline - we have a soft spot for artists and creative people and some projects are bigger than others, but why not reach out?! 


Contact us today and let's get to work on the best custom content for your site!