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Storyboards | Ben Matsuya Art

Storyboards Samples for Ben Matsuya.  If you need freelance storyboard samples, don't hesitate to contact Ben for art and design work.  

Storyboards | Ben Matsuya

Ben was invited to participate in an animation workshop to design a scene for a short called "The Vardo Bros."  Featuring two fantastical charlatans: SPROCKET and HACKLEPUFF VARDO, Ben captured the wackiness of the original existing characters, accentuating their motions and actions in the tradition of Tex Avery, Max Fleischer, and Otto Mesmmer.  

In this scene, the two con-monsters have ridden into a town of bald-headed cat-like creatures called SANTERS.  The brothers try to pull an old snake-oil flim-flam by promising a cure-all for the hair loss epidemic.  While Hacklepuff plays the role of salesman, Sprocket emerges as a plant masquerading as a Santer.  Sprocket begs to be chosen for the demonstration - even after Hacklepuff clearly chooses him. 

Project:  The Vardo Bros. in "Follicle Follies" or "Your Ass Is Grass" 

Medium: Animation Storyboard

Ben chose a fun scene to showcase exaggerated gestures, as the Vardos are putting on a show worthy of a fast-talking huckster.  This kind of sequence allowed Ben to pay homage to the mad-cap, frenetic pacing, visual sight gags, and fast-talking wits of Hollywood's Golden Age of animated shorts.  

If you're working on a webcomic or an animated project, please don't hesitate to contact Ben for more details. There are some similar skills that go into creating a comic, so check out the multiple samplings that are there. 

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Falling For 30 Minutes - Ben Matsuya

Falling For 30 Minutes - Ben Matsuya