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Midnight Massacre

Midnight Massacre | Comic Book

Midnight Massacre Comic

Story by: John Matsuya and Ben Matsuya
Written by: John Matsuya
Art By: Ben Matsuya

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When Calico Adventure Theme Park's corporate executives conjure monsters for their Halloween "Midnight Massacre" spectacular, all hell breaks lose - literally.  It's up to Amy, a jaded games employee to terminate the devil and send him back to hell. 

Midnight Massacre is an original comic written by John and Ben Matsuya. Primarily a horror-comedy, it incorporates action-adventure elements. We’re excited to announce that Midnight Massacre has been picked up by a publisher and is slated to come to stores in the Fall.

Amy's daily existence is a monotonous routine. She's a cog, working a below minimum wage job as a games attendant at an amusement park. And it's about to get worse...

Calico Adventure Parks is about to have it's annual Halloween Midnight Massacre - the event that brings in most of the theme's park annual revenue. But Calico's executives get greedy. Led by CEO Steve Goatman, the corporation fires its costumed workers and outsources their jobs to... monsters from the depths of hell. 

When the monsters go rogue on Midnight Massacre, it will be up to Amy to break out of her malaise, find confidence in herself, and bail out the theme park from the mess made by theme park management. 

Inspired by the comedy of Edgar Wright, American short stories (from Washington Irving to Mark Twain), and post-recession corporate greed, Midnight Massacre has a message of being courageous, following one's passion, and not letting the man get you down. 

The following ten pages (the first ten pages of the graphic novel) is a mini-prologue to Midnight Massacre, detailing the Calico Board's decision to fire the contracted workers and turn to drastic measures...