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Bolt Action Comic

Bolt Action is an original comic by Ben Matsuya and John Matsuya. 

Bolt Action | Comic Book

Bolt Action

Graphic Novel
Story by: John Matsuya and Ben Matsuya
Written by: John Matsuya
Art By: Ben Matsuya

“Trench City - a civilization lost in time and in perpetual war…”  


This is the world of Bolt Action.  Miners Danny and Olive spend their days digging through the trenches and tunnels with only dreams of the skies.  A chance encounter with a brilliant, charismatic con-artist Roulette Chambers will equally frustrate and exhilarate their lives as they try to swindle, hoodwink, and bamboozle each other.  But amidst all the betrayal and double-dealing, the trio slowly unearth a secret bigger than themselves and Trench City...

Inspired by serial adventures, 1930’s screwball comedies, and WWI trenches, bi-planes, and zeppelins, Bolt Action is an original independent comic written by John Matsuya with inks, art, and colors by Ben Matsuya.  The world of Bolt Action can't quite be classified as "steampunk", rather - we hope that our story is composed of a unique alchemy:

  • A dystopian, authoritarian sci-fi setting.  
  • The fast-talking rapport inspired by Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, and Preston Sturges.  
  • The cliffhanger, action-narrative of a Saturday morning cartoon.  

But most of all, we hope that it's Bolt Action’s ebullient spirit and flawed, yet lovable characters that will entertain you with tales of high heroism and breath-taking thrills.   

We’re very excited to have launch Bolt Action as a biweekly independent comic on the webcomic platform Taptastic and the Tapas App.  Make sure to follow us on twitter and instagram for news, updates, and giveaways.  Thanks for reading!