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Jupiter Jet Comic

Jupiter Jet | Comic Book

Jupiter Jet Comic

Cover Price: $14.24

A high-flying all-ages adventure, Jupiter Jet follows Jacky Johnson, a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers an experimental jetpack in her late father’s workshop. With her brother Chuck, Jacky takes to the skies to keep her neighborhood safe.

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment
Published: May 30, 2018
Diamond ID: MAR181025
ISBN: 1632293641
Age Rating: All Ages


Jupiter Jet is a 5 issue all-ages comic book series written by DC All-AccessJason Inman and Top Cow Editor Ashley Victoria Robinson with art by Ben Matsuya (Midnight MassacreBolt Action) and published by Action Lab Entertainment. We’re excited that it is available for purchase now as a digital comic or by trade paperback.

Teenage girl Jacqueline Jacky Johnson discovers an experimental jetpack and with the help of her inventor brother Chuck, she becomes a modern day Robin Hood - stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But all her heroics attract the wrong kind of attention, and soon the mob and a mysterious villain is on their trail. Over the course of the series, you'll see Jacky take flight and learn a secret of her past. 

Ben collaborated with Jason and Ashley on this five issue run over a course of a year when their Kickstarter project was successfully funded. They completed the first volume of the comic book in the summer of 2017 and took Jupiter Jet to Comic-Con where they sold out of their first run at their official signing. 

In this scene, Jacky’s inventor brother Chuck demonstrates his new blast belt after discovering the power source of her jetpack - a strange gem. Chuck can build anything - from parachute dresses to rayguns, but he hasn’t quite worked out the bugs of his newest contraption…

From Episode 5. (“We’re Heroes”), Jacky makes her escape from Praetor Pluto through the skies of Olympic Heights. She weaves and zooms through the cityscape, using her wits to throw obstructions in the path of the villain and his henchmen. She uses a baseball game for cover, and when she hits a snag, her trusty jet pack comes to her aid.