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Matsuya Art and Copy Services

Looking for Great Content?

It's all about your audience and your story.

Whether you're an online business, an independent entrepreneur, or a band, you want to provide an experience and a narrative for your visitors, customers, and fans.  It's more than just words and pictures - it's about defining your message and your community.  We're all creating something, contact us today and let us help you tell your story. 


Ben Matsuya + Art

Freelance Illustration and Freelance art is Ben's specialty.  He has received recognition in several local and national competitions. Ben has been contracted by major corporations, entrepreneurs, and artists and his work has been featured on television, in print, in live theater, and on marketing materials.  

Ben loves working with artists, musicians, and independent businesses. His illustrations have been featured on such diverse places as restaurant placemats, podcast title cards, band tee's, and the human body.  

Contact him to collaborate on your gallery pieces, logos, designs, web content, and of course...  comics.


John Matsuya + Write

Need to communicate your message with great content?  I'm the writer for you.  I have years of experience in online marketing and SEO, taught grammar and writing to the future of America, and have received recognition for my narrative fiction writing.  Here are several of the writing services I can provide:

  • website copy
  • editing services
  • blog and article writing
  • screenwriting coverage services
  • marketing and promotional material
  • pop culture reviews
  • general ghostwriting 

I've worked with startups, family-owned businesses, designed several marketing campaigns, ghostwritten several pieces for larger brands. Feel free to request additional samples and make any edits to the requested pieces.  

I'm a quick study and my interests range from movies, music, sports, literature, business, cooking, and history - so I hope I can connect with your audience and write compelling content that complements your vision and brand.