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Superman Comic Sample

 Superman | Comic Sample


Story & Art By: Ben Matsuya

Comic-Con 2018: Superman Portfolio For Review

Ben drew this Superman Comic as a textless portfolio piece for 2018’s comic-con. Superman has long been an influential character for the Matsuya Brothers, and this piece was meant to evoke the emotions that everyone feels back in high school. A sense of awkwardness, angst, and a fear of the changes of your own body and your own power. As we all know, a smile from a crush or confiding in a best friend (not mutually exclusive) is what gets all of us through those crushingly brutal years.

Ben Matsuya wanted to illustrate the story telling of this scene without using any words. Check out what he chooses for close ups, long shots, and angles to make Clark feel alienated, disoriented, and still. In the first page, see how Clark is continuously shuttle off to the side of the frames, while his friend Pete is leveraging a broken arm to be the center of attention. It’s Lana who crouches down and makes a connection with him which sets the balance of their relationship - this is someone he can see eye to eye with. Finally, the dutch angles show a state of disarray as Clark retreats down the hall. What other story telling techniques do you see Ben utilizing?

But most of all, check out those faces. The faces of each of those kids tells the story even without the text. The famous director John Ford said the greatest landscape is the human face and through comics, we have the ability to convey an emotion, not just with the face but with the whole posture of the characters. This is the kind of composition and cinematic thoughtfulness Ben brings to the direction of each scene, sequence, and page. So if you have a concept or a property that could use a top level artist, please contact us.